Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Star Shard Week: Minstrels' Song

There may be minor spoilers for some parts of the story during Star Shard Week.

Welcome to Day Three of Star Shard Week! This is a bonus post to make up for posting Day Three so late! Scroll down to read about the development of the title treatment for "The Star Shard."
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During the year I worked on illustrations for "The Star Shard," there were a few times I came across new characters that needed to be developed visually before I was ready to commit to a finished illustration. I did some loose sketches similar to my earlier character concept drawings to determine each character's costume, personality and body language. I also sketched a number of ideas for Cymbril's dresses.

Cymbril had several wardrobe changes throughout the story.

In Part 8 of "The Star Shard," Cymbril meets the lively traveling minstrels, Argent and Bobbin.

Head and costume studies for Argent.
I was asked to tone down Argent's goatee, since my art director felt it made him look a bit too old.

No! I inadvertently drew the Dreamworks Face!

Head and costume studies for Bobbin.

Argent, Cymbril and Bobbin entertain the people of Deepdike.
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The Star Shard, by Frederic S. Durbin, is a fantasy adventure story about Cymbril, a girl on a journey of self-discovery.

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