Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Animal Archive

Lini and her forest friends attack a belligerent troll.
Last summer, after returning from Gen Con inspired by all the amazing fantasy art I had seen during the convention, I immediately (well, after unpacking, of course) set to work on my own attempt at an epic fantasy painting for Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder RPG. I don't say "epic" lightly. The painting was one of the most complex I had ever done: an action scene involving more than a dozen individual figures, most of them animals.

The Player Companion I did the painting for came out this month, so I can finally share my cover art! The book is called Animal Archive and it has been receiving many positive reviews.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sketches from ECCC 2013

Thanks to everyone who came by our table at Emerald City Comicon last weekend! Here are some of the sketches I did for people who purchased my sketchbook:


Elves ahoy!

As I posted on my website after ECCC 2011: Many freelance artists tend to live reclusive lives, and sometimes it feels as though we work in a void. Feedback about our work frequently only comes from a small circle of art directors, editors, and close friends and family, and while all of that is much appreciated, it's very different to hear from the general public. Good response to an artist's work is one of the best forms of encouragement, so to everyone that took the time to chat, buy stuff, or even simply say hello, thank you. I look forward to attending the con again next year.