Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Living Island

"The Living Island"

This is the final week of the Marriage is a Work of Art gallery show at Krab Jab Studio. If you live in the Seattle area I highly recommend you see it before it's gone, not only because Vinod and I have work hanging, but because it's an excellent show with many beautiful works on display from paintings to sculpture.

The two paintings that were the focus of our display have already sold, but others are still available including my painting "The Living Island" from The Explorer's Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures. There are also prints available in-person at the gallery and online at my Etsy shop. "The Living Island" has been my best-selling limited edition print since I started offering it two years ago and I frequently receive positive comments on the painting. It's hard to predict which paintings people will be drawn to and I'm happy that so many people have felt a connection to this one.

"The Living Island" as framed for Marriage is a Work of Art.

Click here to browse the online catalog for Marriage is a Work of Art to see the work that has sold and the many gorgeous pieces that are still available.

Friday, April 17, 2015

March and April at Krab Jab

Me next to my painting "The Black Feather" at the FAERIE III opening.
March and April were busy months for me. I wrapped up one big project and am close to finishing another. I exhibited at Emerald City Comicon at the end of March and attended a watercolor workshop taught by Omar Rayyan two weeks later. In the midst of all of that, I painted two new personal pieces for the Krab Jab Studio shows FAERIE III and Marriage is a Work of Art.

"The Black Feather"
FAERIE III was well-attended and featured works depicting denizens of the faerie realm in a wide variety of artistic styles and media. Some photos of the show and of individual works of art are below.

Toby Froud's sculpture"Troll Dance."

Virginie Ropar's sculpture "Wyrd."

Wendy Froud's sculpture "Amherst Faery."

FAERIE III artist discussion, with (left to right) me, Mark Winters, Sara Winters, Julie Baroh and Tara Larsen Chang.

Marriage is a Work of Art opened at Krab Jab last Saturday evening. Vinod and I arrived with Omar and Sheila Rayyan just in time for the artist discussion at 7:30. The two of us, Omar and Sheila, and Mark and Sara Winters discussed what it's like living (and sometimes working) together as artists. It was one of the more unique artist talks at Krab Jab!

Omar and Sheila Rayyan's wall leads viewers into the show.

Omar's watercolor painting "Beetle Battle" and Sheila's ceramics.

A close up of Sheila's stoneware sculptures "Skull Mask I," "Sun," and "Skull Mask II."

Drawings by Brian Froud and sculptures by Wendy Froud on display at Krab Jab Studio.

Wendy Froud's sculpture "Faery Man."

"Faery Woman" by Wendy Froud.
Drawings and oil paintings by Justin Gerard and Annie Stegg-Gerard.

Norman and Tory Taber's wall of assemblages and paintings.

Oil paintings and giclee prints by Mark and Sara Winters.

Our wall at Marriage is a Work of Art.

Hey! It's us!

Our wall with my painting "The Living Island" in the foreground.
Our companion pieces "Children of the Forest" and "The Green Man," which we framed identically, were the centerpiece of our wall. A couple days after the show opening, we received an exciting message from Julie: the paintings had sold!

"Children of the Forest" and "The Green Man" hanging at Krab Jab Studio.

My painting "Children of the Forest."
Vinod's "The Green Man."
Marriage is a Work of Art will be on display at Krab Jab Studio in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle through May 2nd. If you would like to look at the online catalog of artwork still available for sale, please click here. More photos of both FAERIE III and Marriage is a Work of Art can be found on Krab Jab Studio's Facebook page.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thank You for a Great ECCC!

After a couple busy weeks it's finally time for my wrap-up post about Emerald City Comicon 2015.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table this year! You helped make ECCC 2015 one of our best yet! We're looking forward to hearing if our application for next year is approved. If so, we'll be back. And next year it's a four-day convention. (Just don't get too big and become another SDCC...)

We were steadily busy so we only took maybe two or three photos the entire con. Because I was preoccupied at my table and Vinod was someplace else, I couldn't get this guy's photo when I caught a glimpse of him walking by. (Hmmm...maybe I should've yelled "Kaneda" real loud?) His costume was my favorite of the show:

Kaneda cosplay photo "borrowed" from ECCC's Facebook page.

Here are a few sketches I did during the convention. I would have liked to do more, but I was trying to conserve energy for the project I needed to work on after the con every night.

Thanks again for coming to see us! Hope to see you next year!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Marriage is a Work of Art Gallery Show

Vinod and I are both showing artwork as part of the exhibition Marriage is a Work of Art starting this Saturday at Krab Jab Studio in Georgetown. We will be hanging paintings alongside some incredibly accomplished artist couples: Brian and Wendy Froud, Omar and Sheila Rayyan, Justin Gerard and Annie Stegg-Gerard, Greg and Roxana Spalenka, Mark and Sara Winters, and Norman and Tory Taber.

The reception will be held Saturday, April 11th from 6-9 pm at Krab Jab Studio in Seattle and will feature a brief curator and artist talk at 7:30. If you live in the area but can't make it out for the reception, you can still see the show the rest of the month during Krab Jab's opening hours or call for an appointment. There will also be an online catalog of the featured works on Krab Jab's website starting on Sunday that long-distance viewers may peruse.

Vinod and I will be a bit late to the opening because we're attending a workshop taught by Omar Rayyan that also takes place this weekend, but we do hope to arrive in time for the artist talk. If you'd like to say hello to us specifically and won't be able to stay at the opening the entire three hours, plan to be fashionably late!

Marriage is a Work of Art Opening Reception
Saturday, April 11th, 6 - 9 pm
Show runs through May 2nd

Krab Jab Studio
5628 Airport Way S, Ste 150
Seattle, WA  98108