Friday, December 27, 2013


I hear dwarves are popular these days. Good thing, because I happen to have art of that!

At Emerald City Comic Con earlier this spring, I made a connection with the lead designer at Unrestrained Games who was looking for artists to visualize some characters for his independent game project. There were few restrictions to the assignment; I was simply to design and illustrate the two commissioned characters in my typical style. It was fun work!

Development sketches for Hogoren

The first character I worked on is a blacksmith. I designed his equipment keeping his profession in mind.

I wanted him to be jolly...maybe even a little too jolly about rushing into battle.

Unrestrained Games website

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lands and Legends Kickstarter

Hello! I hope everyone is surviving the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. I apologize for the abundance of news posts and the scarcity of art posts on the blog lately. I'm preparing several posts that contain art from recent projects and it won't be too much longer before they appear. But in the meantime...yes, more news. Art-related news.

Lands and Legends, a fantasy art book project.

At Gen Con this year, Vinod and I met a dedicated collector interested in recruiting artists for a book project he is putting together about the creatures, people and places of myth and legend. Mr. Phifer's description of his book Lands and Legends sounded interesting, but the best part of his pitch was his focus on the participating artists receiving their fair share of the book profits. He managed to gather an impressive number of seasoned pros working in the fantasy and science fiction genres including James Gurney, Donato Giancola, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and many more. Vinod and I and a large number of our friends are also on the list.

Please note there is some nudity on the Lands and Legends Kickstarter page and website, and, if the subject matter typical of fantasy and sci-fi art is any indication, you can expect nudity to be in the book as well. (The way I feel about certain aspects of the genre in which I work, including the way women are portrayed, is a discussion best left for another day.)

Though you can't yet see examples of everything that will appear in this volume, there is sure to be plenty of fascinating and beautiful art. For anyone interested in a comparison, I am guessing there will be similarities with the art published in the Spectrum fantastic art annuals. The intended audience of this book is fantasy fans of the artists in the roster.

If you choose to support the Lands and Legends Kickstarter campaign, you will be supporting over a hundred working artists as they create an image of a subject they love. And of course art always turns out better when you love what you're working on!

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