Friday, February 6, 2015

Crowd Sorcery Sketches: Fantasy Dictionary

And now for something completely different – the Crowd Sorcery Fantasy Dictionary.

In addition to characters, readers participating in the Crowd Sorcery project were encouraged to submit ideas for a Fantasy Dictionary: objects, places, creatures, concepts, and expressions that could be used in a fantasy story. The kids were inventive – some even came up with insults in an imaginary language!

Since it's harder to convey something intangible like a concept or slang with simple sketches, for this round I decided to focus on drawing objects. I approached the sketches as though I had been asked to design item icons for a role-playing game.

Senwilke: A warm drink which gives whoever sips it the power to fly.
Since the drink itself probably looks ordinary, I used the vessel it would be served in to communicate its magical properties.

Sesf: An ember used by water people to make fire in water with magic.
I pictured the sesf enclosed in a bubble that would be undisturbed by any water that surrounded it.

The sidekicks and fantasy items as seen in Cricket's October 2014 issue.

Which characters were eventually selected to appear in "The Girl Who Writes the Future?" Stick around for my next post to find out!

Edited to include an introduction to the post. Before it sounded pretty awkward!

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