Monday, April 28, 2014

Help Us Tell a Fantasy Story Using Crowd Sorcery!

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If you're a Cricket Magazine reader, you may remember the fantasy story "The Star Shard" written by Frederic S. Durbin and featuring my illustrations that was printed in the magazine for a year from April of 2008 through April of 2009. In 2012, Fred and I put together a series of posts that we called "Star Shard Week" on each of our blogs to commemorate the publication of Fred's novel of The Star Shard.

Fred and I have been given the opportunity by the editors at Cricket to work together once again on a new project called "Crowd Sorcery." It's a collaborative project involving Fred, me and you! Kids that would like to participate can go to Cricket's message board, The Chatterbox, to help us invent characters, items, and a fantasy dictionary that describes the world you would like to create. Participants will vote on the ideas they like best. Throughout the summer, I will be doing sketches of the chosen characters and items for the digital edition of Cricket. Then I will illustrate the story that Fred writes using your contributions and it will be printed in the November/December issue of Cricket!

For more information about "Crowd Sorcery," including instructions for downloading the digital editions of Cricket click here.
To become a Crowd-Sorceror by sharing your ideas, visit the "Crowd Sorcery" section of The Chatterbox and get posting!
To see Fred's post about "Crowd Sorcery," visit his website here.

We can't wait to see what fantastic ideas you come up with!

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