Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Independent Lens: Beauty is Embarrassing

Last night after dinner I intended to go back up to my studio to work, but got stuck watching a documentary on Independent Lens called Beauty is Embarrassing.

The film tells the story of Wayne White, an artist I was not previously familiar with, but should have been because his fingerprints are all over one of my favorite childhood TV shows: Pee-Wee's Playhouse. Beauty is Embarrassing explores what it's like to be an artist and the feelings of accomplishment and self-doubt that go hand-in-hand with creating things for a living.

Wayne White's wife, Mimi Pond, is a cartoonist and writer. I would have liked to hear even more about her work. Because I am also an artist married to another artist, I like getting a peek into the ways other artist couples make their relationships work.

To see the documentary, check your local PBS station to see if it's being broadcast in your area. If the air date has passed there is usually a late night re-run soon afterwards.

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