Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Artist in Residence

ImagineFX Magazine has a recurring feature called "Artist in Residence," which showcases the studios of working artists. Issue #91 (currently on newsstands in the US) takes a peek into the studio Vinod and I share in the house we rent.

Here's a little extra info that wasn't printed in the article about the challenge of setting up a shared studio :

A casualty of moving to a new state every four years for the past decade, our studio is ever changing. It's not perfect, but we have everything we need to run our freelance illustration business.

When setting up the studio we usually pick the largest bedroom in the house. Dividing a room into our own personal workspaces can sometimes be a challenge. In the past, we have experimented with different set-ups including placing our drafting tables back-to-back or facing one another. During the year that we lived in an apartment in Wisconsin, we each had a studio in a separate room, but that wasn't much fun because we'd have to yell across the apartment while we were working to talk to each other. 

Bonus photo!
Random toys, my dry erase schedule board that I try my best to keep up with, and a drawing by my niece:
Toy shelf: required for every art studio.
Two minor corrections to the printed article: Vinod is currently a senior concept artist at Motigano longer with Monolith Productions. We also haven't lived in an apartment for about eight years now. There appears to have been some confusion in the article when some of the text we provided was edited for space. (The latter correction is obviously not a big deal, but I'm a perfectionist.)

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