Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gen Con 2015 in Pictures

Hello there.
Another Gen Con has come and gone. We did not attend in 2014 so it was nice to be back this year and see familiar faces. Thank you to Art Show coordinators Barbara, Diesel, and the rest of the Gen Con staff; all of the artists, attendees, friends and everyone else whose enthusiasm encourages us to return year after year.

I've mentioned in previous Gen Con posts that it's sometimes difficult to come up with something new to write about the conventions I've attended for years, so this time I thought I'd let the few pictures we took do the talking.

That's...a lot of people.
I did not take this picture, and I'm glad that I didn't! Wielding the power of my Exhibitor badge, I think I was safely inside the Art Show area by the time this huge crowd had formed outside the exhibit hall. Check out the Gen Con Facebook page if you'd like to see video of the doors opening on Day One. (And see if you can find Waldo.)

No, I'm not the artist, I'm just scribbling in her books.

My favorite cosplay this year.
We had to switch hotels for the last night of our stay and were greeted by Washcloth Dog. This hotel was way better than the first one!
Here are the sketches for 2015 drawn in the last few copies of Journey. There is only one book left which will be listed on my Etsy shop when it reopens in a few days.

For more pictures of the Art Show including the award winners for this year, check out the Gen Con Art Show Facebook page.

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