Friday, January 17, 2014

Lands and Legends Kickstarter: Final Week!

Lands and Legends, a fantasy art book project.

It's the home stretch for the Lands and Legends fantasy illustration book Kickstarter, and there is a loooong way to go to reach the goal! For more information about the project, please see my earlier post here.

While I compared the book to Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art to describe the subject matter one might expect to see in Lands and Legends, Lands and Legends will be different as a collection of work. Rather than a compendium of art put together through a juried competition, this book is a collaborative project comprised of fantasy art that many of the artists are creating specifically for this project. As such, in order to fairly compensate the artists, the cover price of the book is higher than an art annual like Spectrum, the production of which is paid for by entry fees.

If you choose to support the Lands and Legends Kickstarter campaign, you will be supporting over a hundred working artists as they create an image of a subject they love. And of course art always turns out better when you love what you're working on!

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