Monday, November 19, 2012

GeekGirlCon 2012

GeekGirlCon immediately preceded Gen Con Indy this year. In my scramble to prepare for Gen Con and finish assignments that had piled up during my absence, I neglected to post about my first GeekGirlCon!

GeekGirlCon is a young convention at only two years old, but it has already developed a unique character. The atmosphere was welcoming and accepting. Because most conventions focusing on fandom surrounding things like comic books and games are male-dominated, it can occasionally be intimidating for women and girls to attend. I myself have been harassed at conventions in the past for no other reason than attending while female. Here, people were welcomed to celebrate their interest in geekery (stuff related to science, media, and the arts) regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. Everyone was encouraged to participate as much as they felt comfortable; to cosplay, sit in on a panel, or simply hang out and take in the con.

Panels at GeekGirlCon covered serious issues including harassment online and lack of diversity in pop culture, as well as fun topics like discussing a favorite sci-fi TV show, geeky crafts, and tips on costume-making. I regret that I was unable to wrest myself away from my table to attend any of the panels, but if I return next year I will definitely try!

My display at GeekGirlCon 2012.

And now...more profile sketches, this time from GeekGirlCon!

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