Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spectrum 19

I figured this was a good enough excuse to post a picture of Detective Frank Pembleton wearing a party hat.
Emerald City Comicon (blog post forthcoming) was this past weekend. Thursday night, during our usual mad convention preparation rush, I decided to take a break and check the Spectrum website to see if the list of selected artists for Spectrum 19 had been posted. Vinod and I both entered this year after a two or three year hiatus.

The competition is fierce. I didn't expect to get in, so I wasn't sure why my heart rate increased as I scrolled down, scanning the list for my name. When I got to "F" I actually gasped: I got in!

I submitted to Spectrum once every few years since graduating from art school. My work was first accepted in 2002 when I entered a sculpture of the Norse god Thor I had made as a part of my senior thesis at Ringling. I hadn't been accepted in my several attempts since. I'm very pleasantly surprised to see my name on the list, and I look forward to seeing which piece or (if I'm lucky) pieces will appear in the book!

Many thanks to Cathy and Arnie Fenner and the judges for their hard work and dedication to showcasing the fantastic arts!


Frederic S. Durbin said...

Congratulations, Emily! Woooo-hoooooo! I've seen the SPECTRUM collections (from previous years) on store shelves -- if that's what you're talking about, they are beautiful! I think I even own one from several years back. Be sure to keep us posted through your blog on when it becomes available! Again, congrats! That is tremendous, and so exciting!

Emily Fiegenschuh said...

Thanks so much, Fred! A number of friends got in this year, too. I'm excited to see the book when it's finished.