Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crowned Ibak Sketch

I apologize for the long hiatus from posting.

I drew the above sketch in a copy of The Explorer's Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures for my friend Chuck Lukacs. Chuck is a fellow sci-fi and fantasy illustrator and IMPACT Books author. He collaborated with artists Jim Pavelec, Chris Seaman and Thomas Manning on the fantasy warrior how-to book Wreaking Havoc, and his latest book is Fantasy Genesis: A Creativity Game for Fantasy Artists.


Rudy said...

Emily, I love your blog! Congratulations on winning first place at Gen Con. I can't wait to buy a signed copy of Explorer's Guide...

Emily Fiegenschuh said...

Thanks, Rudy! I have been terrible about updating my pages with a link to buy signed copies, but I do have copies of the book, honest!

Chuck said...

Just saw this, Emily !! Wonderful sketch, and I hope to see you and Vinod at ECCC in a couple weeks!! =)