Friday, August 5, 2011

Gen Con Day One

Our booth at Gen Con
Vinod and I arrived safely at Gen Con on Wednesday evening, after a Tuesday of frantic last minute preparations, no sleep, and a only a couple of Mighty O donuts and an apple to sustain us. Almost immediately upon arriving, we got to work setting up our booth and reconnecting with old friends and colleagues. There was a lot to carry and unpack, and fortunately our artwork and goods made it in decent condition.

This year, the art show was moved into the center of the newly expanded convention hall with the rest of the exhibitors. We were given a very nice spot on an aisle corner. We had a fun-filled Thursday chatting with fans and checking out the amazing work of the many talented artists at the show.  And, as always, there were some great costumes!

Nothing? Nothing? Tra la la!

Some excellently dressed friends that have been great supporters of my art over the years. Thank you!
I promise to post more news (and cool costumes!) from day two soon. I've stayed up far too late working on commissions whilst watching Kindergarten Cop and Aliens on the hotel TV.

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Lore said...

Thanks for posting the photo! I think this may be the only one of the three of us together. (Somehow the drow costumes were vastly more popular. =p)
It was great to see you! We really missed you guys last year.