Saturday, August 30, 2014

Illustrator and Designer Appreciation at AFRU Gallery

Alas, Vinod and I could not make the trip to Gen Con this year. For years Gen Con has been our favorite venue to show new artwork. We have both been busy making that new work, so anyone who would like to see it will have to wait until next year. We hope everyone that attended the convention had a good time!

The good news is, if you are going to be in or around Portland, OR in September you will have the opportunity to see some of our original paintings. Vinod and I will have work hanging at AFRU Gallery in Portland from September 5th through the 27th as part of the Illustrator and Designer Appreciation show. The exhibition showcases the work commercial artists like illustrators produce in their free time when they aren't on a project for a client.

I will have a few pieces from The Explorer's Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures on display. (And most are for sale, too!) It's true they were done for a client (IMPACT Books) and weren't necessarily personal work, but considering I was allowed to draw and paint pretty much anything I wanted for my book, I count them as personal pieces.

The show will be up during Rose City Comic Con, so if you happen to be in the area attending the convention please stop by to see it! The gallery is just blocks from the convention center.

The Illustrator and Designer Appreciation opening reception is Friday, September 5th, from 6pm to midnight. I'm sorry to say we most likely won't be attending the reception because we will be at home caring for our sick guinea pig friend.

For more information, including the exhibiting artists, gallery hours and location, click on the show flyer below:

Click to embiggen!