Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lessons from Gen Con

The print you didn't make is the one everyone wants.

Seriously, I got, like, thirty requests for prints of this painting of The Living Island from The Explorer's Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures. I would be slightly more wealthy today had I realized it was going to be so popular. Not to worry, though-I will be creating some 13 x 19 prints of this illustration soon, and when I do, it will be available for purchase online or in person at conventions next year.

The Living Island

I have been planning to write some convention wrap up posts, especially to share some exciting news from Gen Con, but I had to jump back into the projects I was working on immediately upon returning home. I will do my best to post about this summer's con experiences if I can find room for some breaks!

Monday, August 6, 2012

GeekGirlCon Floor Map

GeekGirlCon Artist Alley map

GeekGirlCon is less than a week away! I will be at table number 412 in Artist Alley, which is located in the exhibitor hall, rooms 304 and 305 on the third floor of The Conference Center.

I will be signing and selling copies of The Explorer's Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures, prints, self-published sketchbooks collecting my sketches and drawings, and original RPG and fantasy paintings. If you'll be at the convention, please stop by to say hello!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Help an Artist Bring a Dragon to Life

Between working on projects that are under non-disclosure agreements (which means I currently can't share them) and my preparations for GeekGirlCon and Gen Con, I haven't had much time to devote to my blog in the past few weeks. But I do have time to bring the cool artwork of a fellow artist to your attention!

Gunter Reimnitz is a talented sculptor we met during our trip to Vashon Island earlier this year. He's hoping to raise the funds to turn his fantasy of building a one-ton fire-breathing metal dragon sculpture into a reality. Wouldn't you like to help him solve the riddle of steel by contributing to his Kickstarter campaign?
Check it out!